"Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward in the same direction." Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Would you love to get married in a register office, church, garden, chapel, or in a fascinating Renaissance building with beautiful grounds in and around Florence? We will work with you to find the location of your dreams.

The Tuscany Wedding team will help you with the paperwork, so that nothing stands in the way of your wedding. We will organise the appointments with the register office you have chosen, will find the right priest, vicar or officiator, no matter what religion you belong to. Would you like an English-speaking pastor or registrar, or would you prefer a traditional Catholic wedding with an Italian priest?

There are countless inviting opportunities for weddings in Tuscany – numerous beautiful churches and chapels in Florence and the surrounding areas, Renaissance gardens, Cypress forests, and beautiful beaches.

It’s no longer always compulsory to say the „yes“ word in a register office. Nowadays there are some registrars who are able to officiate at a wedding that’s not at the City Hall.

We can arrange for you an open-air ceremony on a Tuscan beach. We work with registrars who are allowed to conduct an officially-recognised wedding by the sea.

Same sex partnerships are not yet legally recognised in Italy, but it is possible to hold a symbolic ceremony, and we have organised this for couples.

We will be by your side for any queries, such as the necessary conversations with Pastors and Registrars locally, and also in your home country, and we can help you to understand all the things you need to do, and put them into action.

Would you like background music during the ceremony, speeches from the witnesses, flower girls? Please let us know everything you desire, so we can integrate every last detail into the plan for your dream wedding.