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All this beauty must of course be captured for posterity!

Your dream wedding in Tuscany, Majorca or Berlin needs to be immortalised by the best photographers. You may also want an engagement shoot, perhaps even to surprise your family and friends with news of your engagement.

The photographer is one of  the most important people during the festivities, and you must be able to trust them completely. All those important details, and special and romantic moments, need to be captured and preserved in your memory. You may also want a video of your wedding. Our photographers usually work with their own video team so that there is a perfect harmony between photography and film.

The photography package will be bespoke for you and based on what you would like. You may want a photographer for all the festivities or just the wedding day. They can capture all the preparation, the emotional moments during the ceremony, and the first dance.

Each bridal pair has its own ideas and requirements, and so The Tuscany Wedding team works with a variety of photographers for example, or in Italy

Please contact us so that we can put together an individual package for you and come back to you with a quote.

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