Would you like a classic bridal march for your wedding,  a gospel choir, a string quartet, or a singer? Do you want the wedding party to feature a jazz band, a soul band, or a DJ? At The Tuscany Wedding we work with a wide range of musicians and artists. Or even if you know a DJ personally or have a friend who is a vocalist that you would like to sing during the ceremony, simply let us know and we will integrate them into the festivities.

It doesn’t stop there – how about a selfie booth or even surprising your guests with an unforgettable firework display? That’s all possible.

We won’t forget your smaller guests either. In Italy, a country where families, and above all children, belong to such events, there are many ways of making you wedding memorable for them. You can have a separate kids party corner with special surprises such as clowns, stilt-walkers, and a childcare professional to look after the smallest of guests. Your event will be unforgettable for both your older and younger guests.