If you want to get married in another country, there is a lot of organisation required and it can be very demanding both for the bridal pair and their guests.

You probably wish to offer your guests something really special and make their stay as comfortable as possible. How about a trip through the Chianti region culminating in a wine tasting at the famous winery Antinori, or with a traditional Tuscan cooking course?

If your guests are interested in art, then Florence is a magical location. We can offer City tours, guided visits to beautiful private gardens, a walk along a secret Medici route or a visit to any one of countless villas around the town in which famous authors penned their books. Guests can finish off with a Vespa ride to the famous Piazzale Michelangelo.

Your guests may like a round of golf at one of the golf courses close to Florence. Guests who have travelled some distance can relax and get to know each other – usually a wedding is a coming together of families and circles of friends.

We at The Tuscany Wedding have a lot of extra services to offer and are always on hand for you to plan extra activities whether in Tuscany, Majorca or Berlin.